[ILUG-BOM] OT- Win NT security evaluation

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for completeness,
NT 4.0 was finally C2 network certified in November 1999....

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> I've been studying aspects of Windows NT security, and I came across an
> interesting bit of information which i thought of sharing...
> There is a body called National Computer Security Center in the US Dept of
> Defense.They guys basically evaluate the security
> of computer systems and certify a _particular_configuration at a certain
> level from A to D, where A is the highest level of security.
> It seems that Windows NT was certified at C2 level on a Compaq ProLiant
> 2000, running Version 3.51 of NT, as per the Orange Book
> Now, surprise surprise, the Orange Book is for standalone systems only!
> Windows NT was never evaluated on the Red Book,which provides an
> interpretation of the security criteria for networked systems!!!
> There, now u guys know why its the favorite target....
> kishor
> ps:of course, linux flavours are the second-most favourite...;-)   (ducks
> for cover...)
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