[ILUG-BOM] Restoring the filesystem from alternate superblocls

erle markglen@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Dec 15 11:39:03 IST 2001

sameer wrote:

> I had faced a similar problem long ago ... the documentation for the
> disktools (I do not remember which one) does mention the most likely
> to use for the alternate superblock, and it works under most systems ...

true, I have read that too. But its only a guide.  U still have to "play"
around with the numbers.
take this for e.g. ( from: LINUX (UNIX) Unleashed, System Administrator's
Edition )
these are given as an e.g.


-- None of these worked... what worked for me was 32768.

Just installed Debian .. the second backup block for me starts @ 32768. Next
is 65536. .. nothing in between.
I had found another document that states try starting from 32767 and in
multiples thereof.

>Vinay Pai wrote:
>superblocks should be documented somewhere. If not, it shouldn't be too
>hard to look at the source of mke2fs to determine it.

that  _might_  be possible... havent found any available program to
determine the same. Would be interesting. Maybe we should have a go @
writing such a program.... it could be useful.


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