Vikram Rangnekar vicky@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Dec 17 02:49:02 IST 2001

Hi philip,
   Feeling slightly disappointed that I didnt know about SecNet in time 
I would have loved to talk on the IPsec implementation I'm working on 
unlike FreeSwan I'm writing it on top of the new netfilter architecture 
( > 2.4)  so no recompiles of the kernel the entire IPSEC (ESP & AH) 
handling will be a single module and the ISAKMP daemon will be a 
userspace program.

The only thing that really cheered me up was the Flynn Baba bashing :) I 
work with him on the Cyber Crime Cell as an advisor and I was pretty 
sick of him calling himself a network security specialist (I was 
suprised that he knew how to clear the IE cache ).

Also I'm waiting around for my IBM linux programming contest results. Is 
there ANYONE ELSE ON THIS LIST who has taken part in the contest. (Known 
when the results r comming out ??)


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