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Mon Dec 17 13:49:02 IST 2001

You can try Astaro Firewal it includes Ipsec VPN & Pptp Vpn on Linux 2.4 Kernal. Its a German Product. For more details u can go on www.astaro.com


On Sat, 15 Dec 2001 Philip S Tellis wrote :
> Mr. Ambrish Kumar took the next lecture on IPSec, 
> touching on
> implementations in windows and linux.  There were some 
> doubts as to
> whether the linux kernel has built in IPSec 
> compatibility or if it
> requires a recompile.  Maybe someone on the list can 
> shed some light on
> this.

No.Current Linux kernel does not have built in IPSec compatibility,because of the US regulation(NSA can decrypt upto only 64-bit encryption).IPSec allows much better and easy encryption than anybody can decrypt.

Some Distrubutions made outside the US like Polish distribution does provide inbuilt IPSec.

I have recompiled the Linux(2.4.12) with Freeswan-IPSec(1.91) and currently using it with 2048-bit RSA encryption for my VPN network.It gives me descent(and the most secure) performance over the cable connection.

See follwing site for more info.

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