[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Secnet and Vijay Mukhi

Aarjav Trivedi aarjavt@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Dec 17 18:02:02 IST 2001

Thanks for the info on Secnet, it would be great if u
could send me  (or the list) a mail when its happening
the next time.

As far as Vijay Mukhi is concerned, in todays Bombay
Times someone asked him,
"Why is it not possible to install two Operating
Systems on the same hard disk ?"
To which he replied
"Because those who make the OS dont want you to do

Someone please teach him about Partitioning the hard
disk. His column is sometimes more hilarious than
Cyrus Broacha's. Maybe they are intentionally placed
on the same page. :)


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