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> J. T. D'souza
> > Could somone lend / burn me Debian Woody and KDE debs.
> If you are connected to free net you can do "apt-get update" followed by
> "apt-get dist-upgrade". But before doing this remember to change the the
> /etc/apt/sources.list to include woody. For this you can replace
> 'stable' or 'potato' keyword with 'woody'.

No way. Not on a dialup line. Also this is a fresh install. But thanks for
the advice. I collected two cds from Nag and copied them.  I will be needing
code for various bits of software, So I plan to go to TIFR and burn 7
rewritable cds this will also allow easy updates and security patches via
dialup. We could then make copies of the latest n greatest for whoever needs

jtdesouza at yahoo.com

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