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> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 10:21:16AM +0530, J. T. D'souza wrote:
> > brand equity. But that would ironically make distros like AL legitimate
> > reduce RH's brand exposure (so generously being pushed by the guys who
> > distribute copies). Besides the Pandora's box of trademarked Logos,
> > manuals etc.
> > Haaappy Litigation :-)).
>  From the looks of it -  RH is just trying to make the point that it wants
> end user to know that downloaded versions, or CD versions NOT bought from
> redhat won't entitle the user to support etc., as well as related stuff.

afaik a seperate contract needs to be signed and registered for online

> That sounds reasonable.

Definetly. Protecting one's brand equity is most certainly reasonable.
However the current patent, copyright and trademark laws can easily induce
(infact they scream EXPLOIT) RH to behave like youknowwho.The outcome of
this would be very interesting for opensource software as a business. I
think RH is testing the legal waters.

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