[ILUG-BOM] [OT] cyberoam client logon algorithm

Amish Mehta amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Dec 20 14:11:03 IST 2001

Kishor Bhagwat wrote:
>>From the readings i took, I can only see the timestamp(millis since Jan '70)
>and no key, just my adapter address always.

Are you sure that is ur adaptor address? Do winipcfg and tell me.
Is it 52:54:05:FE:D7:24?

>My password is just one character...not sure which 3 digits I shld be
>looking  at!

In ur example 1008824941242  is encrypted pwd

1008824941      242
^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^
Timestamp       3 digit no representing
                ur passwd probably based on
                time, IP and h/w address

Pls see attached txt file in my earlier mail


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