[ILUG-BOM] sendmail on 7.2.

Philip S Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Dec 23 02:19:02 IST 2001

Sometime Today, Mayank Sarup assembled some asciibets to say:

> 	Open your sendmail.cf and look for a line Addr or something.

No, don't do that.  Don't edit sendmail.cf at any cost.  Only edit
/etc/mail/sendmail.mc, and use that to regenerate sendmail.cf.

Basically, you'll find a line that tells sendmail to act as an MTA only
for localhost ( (same as what mayank said), you should comment
it out there, and then use:

m4 /etc/mail/sendmail.mc > /etc/sendmail.cf

to regenerate sendmail.cf.  If you want to be safe, write the output to
a different file, and then copy it over sendmail.cf

I'll give more complete instructions on Monday when I have access to a
later version of sendmail.cf.  At home I have 8.9.3

> Basically, Red Hat in its infinite wisdom runs sendmail only on
> localhost/ to enhance security. (Postfix/qmail way better).

Why is everyone so much against redhat?  This just loses the point of
open source - that it gives you so much choice.  If you don't like
redhat, use something else.

There is a very good reason for redhat binding sendmail only as a local

The average user would not be running a mail server, and therefore would
not know how to protect himself against mail relay.  He only needs
sendmail to queue mails while he's offline.  Sendmail is not required to
receive mails from your ISP.

If someone did require to set up a mail server, then it should be
required that that person know how to set up a mailserver.  In that
case, he should know how to enable relay, OR, how to uninstall sendmail,
and install the MTA of his choice.

RedHat's policy simply ensures that casual users don't hurt themselves,
and that people who claim to be mailadmins actually know their job.


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