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Mon Dec 31 23:59:02 IST 2001

Hi Philip,

Answers to your questions :

1. Yes, it comes with the source code.
    Actually the new API that is created/used for developing Winamp3 is
designed to be used for other applications as well.
    It is almost same as Microsoft's COM - or maybe better than COM itself,
but uses the same fundamental features.
    See the WASABI Overview file in the SDK package for more details (The
SDK distribution is hardly 700KB dowload).

2., 3. & 4.
 Yeah, the licence allows you to modify the source, use it in commercial
software/freeware etc.
  I'm attaching the actual "license.txt" from the SDK distribution. Refer to
it for more details.

I guess the restrictions / conditions in the GNU GPL are more restrictive
than the license of WASABI.
Also, even the Qt Library license is also still more restrictive, but still
these two are considered to be
the base of the entire Free Software and Open Source Software movements.

I guess, the original SDK distribution is worth a look. Just go through the
documentation that comes with it.
It'll clear all the points.



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> Sometime on Dec 30, Kunal Gangakhedkar assembled some asciibets to say:
> > For those Multimedia freaks, Check out Winamp3 beta 2 review.
> does it come with source code?
> does the licence allow you to modify the source?
> does the licence allow you to redistribute it?
> does the licence allow you to redistribute modified versions and call it
> your own?
> If you answer no to any of the above, then it is no good.
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