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Fri Jan 4 19:52:03 IST 2002


Might be of interest.
The guys are also talking to IBM to demo their Linux watch
(not confirmed yet).


			T e c h f e s t  2 0 0 2
			       IIT Bombay

Techfest 2002, the annual technology festival of IIT Bombay will be held
between February 1-3 at the IIT Bombay campus. Techfest 2002 features a
wide range of events ranging from competitions and workshops to demos and
exhibitions. The main attractions at Techfest 2002 include -

Tech-a-Tete : 

The Lecture Series featuring Rajat Gupta (MD, McKinsey & Co.), Bharat
Balasubramaniam (Daimler Chrysler Germany) and P.G. Poonacha (Sasken

Futureal : 

An event which aims at showcasing the technologies that will drive the
economy of the future - DNA Computing, BioInformatics and Nanotechnology.
Eminent specialists from each field will present various facets of these
technologies. Futureal will also feature a videoconference with Dr. Ehud
Shapiro, the father of DNA Computing.

The HUB :

The centre of all on-the-spots at Techfest, the HUB will feature a myriad
number of competitions including theme quizzes, on the spot hardware
contests, the Inventor's Competition, demos on assorted topics including
electronic warfare, speed guns etc. and exclusive documentaries.

The SciTech Olympiad continues to be the ultimate challenge for all you
science and technology enthusiasts with over 500 contestants battling it
out for cool prizes.

The Defense Exhibition features displays of weaponry and technology used
by India's defense services including an automatic ejection system,
electronic warfare and flight trainers.

Visit www.techfest.org for more details on each event and for a detailed
schedule of the festival. For any clarifications, please get in touch with
the organisers at info at techfest.org

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