[ILUG-BOM] Linux is not reliable . Windows Still rulez

Nikhil Joshi nikhiljoshy@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jan 21 08:04:03 IST 2002

Sorry for  posting without subject . The thing is I'm very frustrated
for putting my trust on Linux :-(

I had enough of Linux (period)

I've been using Linux for almost 2 years now. After getting bored of
Windows I decided to remove it from my PC.I was running only Red Hat
Linux 7.1 when I had a major filesystem crash. I even lost some of
important data.

One of my friends suggested that 7.1 had a buggy kernel and I should
switch to 6.2
I installed 6.2 and everything was fine until today...

The boot process 'dropped me to a shell' and advised me to run fsck
manually. I obliged.

Out of the blue I got a truckload of messages telling me that something
was wrong and that should it fix it ? Amazingly the only answer was
yes.I continued pressing 'y' for about 5 mins and then the ordeal was

I logged in just to  find that my ncurses libraries had been deleted !
And horror of horrors: my entire rpm database was gone...
I did not want any more surprises.

Being frustrated I decided to give myself a break. I removed Linux and
now I'm running good ol' Win 98 :-)

Anyone reading this please keep in mind : Curse Windows , Hate Windows
,Kick Windows but never and I say *never* remove Windows. It is the only
thing that works for you (period)

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