[ILUG-BOM] Linux is not reliable . Windows Still rulez

Philip S Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jan 21 12:04:21 IST 2002

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Nikhil Joshi wrote:

> I've been using Linux for almost 2 years now. After getting bored of
> Windows I decided to remove it from my PC.I was running only Red Hat

The way that I see it, is that your reasons for switching to linux in 
the first place were wrong.  If you were bored of windows, chances are 
you'd get bored of whatever else you tried.

> Linux 7.1 when I had a major filesystem crash. I even lost some of
> important data.
> One of my friends suggested that 7.1 had a buggy kernel and I should
> switch to 6.2 I installed 6.2 and everything was fine until today...

Wrong.  The correct thing to do would be to upgrade your kernel.  
Running up2date would have done that for you.  Never ever go back to an 
older version.  Newer versions have bugs fixed.

As far as your initial filesystem crash, do you remember how it 
happened?  Running a journalling file system would have helped you.  I 
run linux in an area (of my office) where there is no UPS.  Power 
failures are frequent.  I have never suffered data loss.  In fact, the 
last time I suffered data loss was in early 2000, running RedHat 6.0, 
again due to repeated power failures.

> I logged in just to find that my ncurses libraries had been deleted !
> And horror of horrors: my entire rpm database was gone... I did not
> want any more surprises.

Actually, everything you think was lost would have been in the 
lost+found directories of the related partitions.  You do have separate 
partitions for binaries and data don't you?

> Being frustrated I decided to give myself a break. I removed Linux and
> now I'm running good ol' Win 98 :-)

Good for you.  Back to daily crashes, and restarting everytime you 
change anything.

> Anyone reading this please keep in mind : Curse Windows , Hate Windows
> ,Kick Windows but never and I say *never* remove Windows. It is the
> only thing that works for you (period)

Ok, personal experience.  I've been using linux for about three years
now - exclusively.  No problems.  My family uses it too.  They are not
nerds.  I have never had a system crash that wasn't related to a power
failure (BSES is active in my area), and even then, I have never lost
data (it was all found in lost+found).

I've recently had the need to work with windows (a client requires some 
programming with a specific database).

The first day - I had to reboot 12 times to install all the software 
(all licenced).

Then, I started my coding.  I get database errors.  The only way to fix 
it is to restart windows (no reboot).  I have tried everything else.

Programs crash arbitrarily.  The system hangs on restart.  I get 
headaches (which miraculously vanish when I switch back to linux).

While windows may be the only thing that works for you, it is the only 
thing that doesn't work for me.  I've been using linux for a long time, 
and it has served all my purposes, and has *always* worked for me.

The disks are getting full; purge a file today.

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