[ILUG-BOM] Linux is not reliable . Windows Still rulez

Trevor Warren trevorwarren@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jan 21 17:04:03 IST 2002

--- Nikhil Joshi <nikhiljoshy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > As far as your initial filesystem crash, do you
> remember how it
> > happened?  Running a journalling file system
> have helped you.  I
 Journalling File Systems r like databases with
rollback facilities in them, ofcourse they hav  a
whole plethora of advantages as compared to the
traditional File Systems bering used on linux. One of
the main advantages would have been that in case of a
unorderly shutdown the Data Loss would have been
minimised. Not the complete data loss can be

 Look at Journallin File Systems as Databases with
Rollback features in them. Journalling File Systems
generally maintain a log of the changes to any
meta-data that has to be commited to the disk. The
meta-data is basically the information abt the data
that u store on the disk. SO wheneever u perform a
read/write trasaction the changes to the meta-data are
recorded on a Journal which then becomed dirty. This
is then commited to the disk in an orderly fashion
when the syncing is done. So when there is as
unorderly shutdown the data from the jounal log isn't
flushed to disk. 

 Many a time in such situations u may witness loss of
data regarding to the lost transaction since it hasn't
been writen to disk. But remember, it's better than
loosin ur whole File System. 

As far as vouching about the sturdiness of ReiserFS,
my personal experience on production systems
say........it's good enough for most implementations.
But yes, ONLY ONCE hav i seen a ReiserFS system go

as for ext3.......i don't care......

As of now....me nd my production systems run XFS,
which is reaaaaaaaaly sturdy nad can support much
larger file sizes. Check it out, i think the XFS port
to Linux by SGI is one of the best thingz that has
happened to Linux File Systems.

>     Yes my initial and the recent filesystem crash
> was due to *power
> failure*
>     Can I have more info 'bout journalling file
> system please
 pliss refer to the above. As for the information on
XFS and ReiserFS u can find info them @

>     Actually I don't have separate partitions. I
> have this / and swap
> partition only.
 as philip mentions, downgradin  ur distro to 6.*
wasn't the real solution. Some pple learn the hard way

 There's somethin that my dad always tells me,"When in

 I would like to add to it, "When in doubt ASK, but
all GOOGLE."

>     I do this since my hard disk is just 4 gigs.
> I've read that you have
> to be real Linux guru
   The fact that u hav got so far means u hav achieved
part gurudom..:))

>     to recover the lost+found data. So I did not
> bother about it. Can
> someone please give some
>     info about recovering the data from lost+found
 just cd into those dirs u'll find the data lying all
over the place in the form of files with inode nos.

> P.S.
> I was really frustrated with the whole incident.
> I think that the subject line was little
> and harsh.
  Lets put this behind us. But next time before u say
somethin, think abt the repurcussions it'll hav cause
we believe in wat we work on and we hav tremendous
faith in it. And trust and faith are virtues built
over a loooooong period of time pal. 

Being vociferous helps at times, but at times when
looked at in a dim perspective can be detrimental.

Trevor Warren

> crash due to power failures.
> Please guide me.

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