[ILUG-BOM] CD ROM problems Kernel 2.4.7-10

Anand Iyer akiyer@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jan 22 08:19:13 IST 2002

I recently installed RH7.2 using Seascope disks.
Initially due to non availability of GLIBC (proper version ) on CD 1 of 
2, only a minimal install was possible.
Later on I loaded the RPM's one by one.

My CDROm drive Samsung CD writer  RW 8.4.32 is recognised by the kernel, 
but when i try to mount the CDROm, I get a message
/dev/cdrom improper device or device does not exist.
I have the following line in lilo.conf
This used to work and still works on Caldera with kernel 2.4.2 (PCQuest 
CD's)loaded in another partition.

My creative infra CDROM has conked off so this is the only drive 
currently available with me.

The CDROM is shown when the system boots up after Lilo in RH7.2

Any ideas in getting it working.


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