[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat 7.2 Installation: Partitioning?????

Kunal Gangakhedkar kgangakhedkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 23 16:19:14 IST 2002

Well, with the new versions of LILO which include 32-bit LBA
extensions, you don't need to be bothered about the Cylinder Limit
The new LILO should be included in RH 7.2.
If you're facing the problem, what you can do is create Linux
partitions using some other partitioning util like Partition Magic
or Ranish Partition Manager (BTW, Ranish is free).
Then, while installing linux just assign the proper mount points to
respective partitions.
Install lilo on First Boot Sector and not MBR.
CREATE A BOOT DISK, to be on the safer side.
And install linux as you would do otherwise.
If your bootdisk fails or gets corrupted, there are boot images
available on the RH cd under images folder.
Copy them on a windows partition and use loadlin to boot into linux by
giving proper root partition as a kernel parameter.
Use the loadlin documentation for further details.
Remember, you need to boot into linux at least once.

Once into linux, edit lilo.conf. You'd be having an entry called
Just replace it with "lba32".
If you don't have such an entry, add it as a primary entry, i.e.
before the "image= ... " entries.
Make sure that you change the "boot = "
entry to point it to the MBR.
That is, make it
boot = /dev/hdx

where /dev/hdx is your active boot device like hda for primary master,
hdb for primary slave.
Mostly, it will be /dev/hda.

Then overwrite lilo using /sbin/lilo.
Now onwards you don't need any other bootloader.

I guess, this helps.


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> Hi,
> Can you use fdisk and tell me the no of cylinders that it shows
> to you. For example for my 10.2 GB fdisk shows 1245 cylinders. For
> GB it is 1024. You can calculate for your configuration and check if
> that fdisk shows that same no of cylinders.
> I had read this in a book where it told me that the author once
> had to use fdisk to set the no of cylinders to a proper value and
> the disk druid worked well. And before setting it to a proper value
> was giving similar problems as you are facing.
> Bye.
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> Subject: [ILUG-BOM] Red Hat 7.2 Installation: Partitioning?????
> Here is a very basic question (but I am really stuck!! :| )
> I have been trying to install red hat 7.2 on a win98 machine.
> Everything
> goes fine until the partitioning screen comes up.  I have a hdd of
37 gb
> and
> I have repartitioned it to 27+10 with FIPS and want to use the new
10 GB
> partition (win95 FAT32) for linux.  When I choose automatic
> screen, it declines to do that (space not available).
> Next when I come to the manual partioning screen, I cant proceed
> either.  When I select the hard drive partition of my choice and try
> add
> new partitions (root, swap and boot), I get the same errors, space
> available.  And it woulnd't let me proceed.
> Once I have done partitionless install with linux 7.0 on the same
> machine
> without having hard drive partitioned by fips.  And it worked fine.
> Unfortunately, as it seems, Red Hat 7.2 doesnt support partitionless
> installations.
> Any comments, suggestions, advises, must do's, undo's??????????
> Greetings,
> Vikram
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