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On Jul 13, 2002 at 13:47, Q u a s i wrote:

>At 04:16 AM 7/12/02 -0700, you wrote:
>>So now I'm embarassed: Why did Linux fdisk not recognize it for what it 
>>was, the first time?
>Did you have the latest version of fdisk?  There is a large difference 
>between the current one and the one which came with the Debian Potato 2.2 - 
>or so was my experience.

I couldn't find fdisk anywhere. cfdisk had the same problem, and I did
find cfdisk at ibiblio.

The odd thing is that fdisk was able to recognize the drive correctly
after DOS fdisk had created a partition table on it.

>There is something called LBA32 which is prevalent as of today I think.  If 
>your bios does not support it then LBA is next best, maybe?

I had to tell LILO LBA32... and that has nothing to do with this. The
BIOS shouldn't be that old, I bought it in February.

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