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How successful is simputer going to be ? Rs. 9,000 is a pretty stiff tag for rural and non-rich india.

just a little more and they will be able to get a computer (not state of art, but OK).

I also wonder how much of the simputer thing is actually just press hype. Has anyone seen what the product looks like or how it works ?

Again, if you are thinking of software on it, think commercially or work related software. System software would already be there. We need more software which will make the product useful.....It should allow the user to achieve something in his work life by using Simputer

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  Hi All,

      Yesterday I read an articall about the Simputers ( SIMple comPUTER )
  which are meant for the satisfing the need ofthe peoples from rural 
  area in India. Peoples those are just literate or low qualified but still
  wants to know & learn about the computer can take the great advantage
  of the simputer.
      According to an artical, one software team of IIT is developing these 
  simputers & it will probably be avaliablein the market from November.
  Mr. Mark Mathayan of IIT encore team said that, simputers are designed 
  & developed by keeping in mind the percentage of literacy in India.
  He further said that, these simputers will be avaliable with a low prize 
  of approx. Rs. 9,000 /- only.
      These Simputers will have all the facilities which are avaliable in 
  normal computer. But they will not be working on MS-Windows,
  rather they will work on LINUX, which is freely avaliable world wide
      Many foreign companies have shown their interest in this project & 
  asked for the rights for the production of these simputers. But IIT has 
  not given the rights to anybody as it wants the simputer to be purely
  Indian & wants some Indian company to come up & start the production.
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      If we forget rest of the part of this artical & concentrate on using 
  LINUX on the simputers, I think this is a golden opportunity for us
  to wide sprade the Linux in India & making the peoples aware of 
  Linux. We can even add it in our projects TO - DO list.
  So.... What U guys say?
  Think on it.............

  Thanks & Regards,

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