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Wed Jul 17 16:38:03 IST 2002

Sameer Shinde spewed into the ether:
>    Don't ask me to read how-tos. I want to discusses this 
>point with you as I found variation in the suggestion in 
>various ppls.
No HOWTOs. http://www.pathname.com/fhs/
Lots of reasoning there (and its a standard too).

>    During the installation, once linux dispelled a message
>that, your /(root) partition should not be less than 250MB.
I have / with 100 MB and I can still install deadrat on that.
Its a matter of what you install and stuff.

I personally use /,/boot,/usr,/var,/usr/local,/home,/tmp, swap (and maybe /opt).
Mount /usr, / and /boot as readonly, maybe /usr/local too (unless you keep installing software like I do.

>But then what about other partitions, like /home, /var, /dev
>/tmp & other. What they are used for?
See that URL I mentioned.

>One more.......
>& in which order they should be mounted? 
>which is the 1st & which one is last?
/ first, then the others, in any order you wish.
/bin/mount *MUST* be present in /, /usr need not be mounted for lots of reasons.

Devdas Bhagat

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