[ILUG-BOM] RH Linux not overwriting MBR.

Nikhil Karkera ianmalc@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jul 17 23:59:03 IST 2002

Have 2 HDDs:

Master: 4 Gb [hda]
Slave: 32 Gb [hdb] (is 40 Gb, but my BIOS treats it as 32 Gb)

Windows C: on hda. It has 2 more windows partitions.

For hdb the partitions are as follows:

hdb1 - Windows
     hdb5, hdb6.... <10 partitions>. All Windows.
hdb3 - Linux native, mount point / - 10Gb
hdb4 - Linux swap - 200 Mb

It goes through the entire installation process, and asks me to 
reboot. But then directly boots into Windows. Tried Lilo & Grub. I 
explicitly asked to overwrite MBR during installation.

Haven't tried with boot disk. Damn those floppies. All turned up 
with bad sectors :)

Tried RH Linux 7.2 & 5.0.

Any way out?

Warm regards,

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