[ILUG-BOM] Re: Limiting CPU Usage

Vinay Pai vinay@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jul 18 13:00:05 IST 2002

> I need a way to set a hard limit on processor usage on the server. A
> user had spawned three processes, one on each processor (the fourth one
> got fried a long time ago), which kept them 90% busy. The result was
> that the server became to slow to even reply to ping packets, not to
> mention loss of DNS service.
> The command "ulimit" has an option "-t" that can set a limit on
> processor usage in seconds ... what does that mean?
> I want to say something like "only x% on only y processors" if possible.
> Is there a way to do that?
> Will simply limiting processor usage help solve the problem we faced?

I think 'nice' should be sufficient. IMHO Limiting processor usage (to
%x on processor y) doesn't make sense because when there is heavy load
on the server, any reasonable value of x will be larger than that the
kernel will assign anyway, and during light load you'll be wasting CPU

If you "nice" the processes enough the scheduler will make sure that
higher priority processes (like DNS etc.) will get all the time they

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