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Rajesh Deo rajeshdeo@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jul 19 06:00:07 IST 2002

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 03:49, Sameer Shinde wrote:
> [snip]

> > What is the exact problem with the partition table?

> During the installation of RHL 7.1, I get the message,
> "An error occurred while transferring the install image to your HDD.
> You are probably out of disk space".
> The installation aborts here & put me back to the screen
> form where the installation just starts.

> >  Is the MBR all  right?

> Yes, I  have cleared it with fdisk/mbr &
> I have no problem booting Windows.

> > Are your windows partitions all right?

> Ya, As nothing is happened to them.
> If I delete the Linux partitions which I had created
> during the Linux installation, I can take that free
> space in Windows with no problem.
> By doing so I checked all the drives with
> 'Norton Disk Doctor' but even it didn't  show me
> any problem in partition table.
> So, I consider windows partitions are all right.

> If it is a problem with the
> > linux partition only then use *latest* fdisk to delete the linux
> > partition(s) and create them again.  That's it.

> Where can I get * latest* fdisk, I use RHL7.1 & with the
> fdisk, I tried deleting all the linux partitions & recreating them,
> but didn't helped. Again my installation aborted by non transferring
> the install image on hard disk.

Sameer, you have a fairly recent version of fdisk and hence no need to
worry. But by the way, in your first mail, I think you mentioned that
you are installing RH 7.2. Or are you installing RH 7.1 ?

> > Unless your MBR or the
> > *whole* partition table is corrupt you dont need to worry.
> > I find using loadin more convenient than Grub/LILO etc.
> > Also if you do use LILO, use the latest version so that you can avoid the
> > /boot partition.

> Again where can I get latest version of LILO, is it separately downloadable
> or is inbuilt in higher versions of RHL.

Again, your lilo version is fine and can easily boot linux partition
beyond 1024. In my opinion GRUB is a better boot loader than lilo, for
following reasons,

If you add a new kernel, you only need to add the entry for that kernel
in your /boot/grub/grub.conf file. Simple editing job with vi.
You __do not__ have to reinstall the boot loader in MBR of your disk.
Overwriting your MBR multiple times _can_ lead to disk damage on the 0th
sector of the disk, making the entire disk useless unless you boot from
a boot disk. I find it a nice replacement for LiLo. Though for reason of
consistency with what one knows about LiLo, using it is not bad at all.
If one does not even wish Linux programs to touch the MBR then one
always has Loadlin.

This reminds me of something, does any one know whether any version of
loadlin works with Windows XP. I once tried autoboot.bat in a RH CD and
it did not work. Autoboot.bat uses loadlin to boot a linux kernel.

Best regards,


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