[ILUG-BOM] XOSL - The New BootLoader

N.a.v.i.n ....D.h.a.n.u.k.a navin_dhanuka@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jul 19 21:07:03 IST 2002

> First of all, XOSL is not at all new. It has been there for ages, I would say.
> I've been using it for last 3 years. 

I never knew that.
Also never heard about any boot loader, besides GRUB & LILO

> If fact, XOSL is much safer for newbies as well. 

I agree with you.
But wonder why never heard about it anywhere.
I cam to know about it, only after a pal from NCST Khargar, 
told me about it.

Does anyone has CYGWIN.

Navin Dhanuka

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