[ILUG-BOM] RH Linux not overwriting MBR.

Vinay Pai vinay@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jul 19 22:15:06 IST 2002

> Well, it also depends on which version of Windows you're using.
> If you're using something like ME or XP then, the Windows OS protects the MBR 
> somehow. So, any other software which tries to access / overwrite MBR will 
> fail.

How can a system that isn't even running prevent anything? I thought
The best (or worst) it could do is the restore the MBR to its old
state AFTER you start windows. So at the very least you should get the
lilo prompt at least once. Some BIOSes do protect the MBR, though...
but they usually throw up a dialog box and besides they wouldn't have
an effect on Linux which accesses the hardware directly, thereby
cutting the BIOS out of the picture.

> 2. If you have NT Boot Loader (if using XP), then create an image file of the
> boot sector using dd. Copy this file to some windows partition. Edit your 
A simpler way, if your NT/2k/XP boot partition (the partition with
NTLDR.EXE) is installed is FAT is to create a dummy 512-byte file
(using dd) and add it to the boot.ini as you described. Then set the
'boot' parameter in Lilo as the name of the file...
boot = /mnt/winc/lilo.bin

Then so long as you have your windows partition mounted rw you can
just use lilo as you always do.

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