[ILUG-BOM] RH Linux not overwriting MBR.

Kunal Gangakhedkar kgangakhedkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jul 20 00:31:03 IST 2002

> How can a system that isn't even running prevent anything? I thought
> The best (or worst) it could do is the restore the MBR to its old
> state AFTER you start windows. So at the very least you should get the
> lilo prompt at least once. Some BIOSes do protect the MBR, though...
> but they usually throw up a dialog box and besides they wouldn't have
> an effect on Linux which accesses the hardware directly, thereby
> cutting the BIOS out of the picture.

Well, I don't much about it. But, if you mark a sector RO (if at all it can be 
done), then applying to the MBR will prevent other OSs from writing onto it.
This is just a wild guess - could be wrong as well.

> A simpler way, if your NT/2k/XP boot partition (the partition with
> NTLDR.EXE) is installed is FAT is to create a dummy 512-byte file
> (using dd) and add it to the boot.ini as you described. Then set the
> 'boot' parameter in Lilo as the name of the file...
> eg.
> boot = /mnt/winc/lilo.bin
> Then so long as you have your windows partition mounted rw you can
> just use lilo as you always do.

Same thing done the other way.......
There is a catch in it though...
Before executing it, you need to have Windows partition mounted at /mnt/winc, 
right?? Now, while loading the bootloader you don't know of any filesystem 
tree. Then where will "winc" be mounted???
Only after booting into linux will you be able to access /mnt - unless of 
course it is onto a different partition. But again, it would be better if you 
use the device name + partition no. combination instead of *nix filesystem 

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