[ILUG-BOM] XOSL - The New BootLoader

Kunal Gangakhedkar kgangakhedkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jul 20 00:53:03 IST 2002

> Does anyone has CYGWIN.

Instead of Cygwin, try out DJGPP for GNU utils like GCC.
It can be found at www.delorie.com/djgpp .
It is much better. And one more thing, AFAIK, Cygwin needs to be installed 
online, I'm not sure though. And Cygwin is really big in size.

DJGPP is distributed as separate downloadable zip files.
So, you can download just enough stuff whatever you need.

(kgangakhedkar at softhome.net)
(kgangakhedkar at hotpop.com)

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