[ILUG-BOM] Does not allow login even with Su on Redhat 6.2 box

abhijeet abhijeetmore@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jul 20 21:09:03 IST 2002


> The box did NOT run any firewall etc. The next day what we found 
> was, it would NOT allow us to login at all.
> At the login prompt , when one tried to login as any user or even 
> "su" it would just jump back to login prompt.
> We rebooted the machine with single user mode and found that no 
> passwd /shadow files were tampered with.
Are you being prompted for the password??
Anyways, you'll have to do a 'rescue' here to log in. Do that using 
your distro cd or a boot floppy if you have one.

Once you've logged in, check if you have a file called '/etc/nologin'.
If it exists delete it...that doesn't allow logins if it exists. 

If it doesn't, check your 'syslog' to see about the failed login attempts.
Maybe you get something there.

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