[ILUG-BOM] PRC - Mentors and Students resposnibilities

Shankar Ramchandran shankar_ramchan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jul 27 10:49:05 IST 2002

We need to define a procedure for signing up for a project and Mentor-
Student responsibilities.

I have the few suggestions..

The mentor is required to bring in domain knowledge to the project.
The mentor will decide the scope of the project. [in consultation with
students based on project requirements etc]
The mentor is involved in an advisory and guiding position in all phases of
the project [planning, design, coding, testing, documentation etc]
Mentor may choose to perform part of the coding or he may not.
Students will be involved in all phases of the project and should commit in
principle to stick to the end of the project.
Mentor may choose to request some one for independant quality
assessment...[at least for non corporate projects]

More questions we need to find answers to:
If mentors for a project are decided merely on volunteer basis, then we need
functionality to support a wish list. where someone not qualified or not
having enough time to be a mentor can put up a project that someone takes up
as a mentor.
Will the mentor decide how big a team is required...& will we have projects
that students cannot sign up for?
How will a student sign up? [ i guess we need to create a page for that]

- Shankar

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