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Sameer Shinde s2sameer@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jul 29 00:17:07 IST 2002

On Friday, July 19, 2002 6:11 AM
 "Rajesh Deo" <rajeshdeo at earthlink.net> replied,

.........& finally Linux appeared on my Desktop.
Thanks...., thanks to all who helped me out
Thank you very very much.
Specially to Rajesh Deo, Sameer DS, Quasi & Rajen Parekh.

Finally I did it.
Well! well !! well !!!


> > P.S. Today I got another problem, my CD-ROM is not accepting
> > any disk. It seems that my machine is gonna screw me out :)

Here it was the  problem.
    It was not the problem with the HDD. But it was a problem
with CD - ROM. ( surprised....? even I, when I found the it. )
The cd-rom was not reading the disks & so the error.
I changed the CD-ROM & put another CD-rom in that place.
& the installation goes on.... & on.... & on......

So now I'm with RHL on my machine in dual boot with Win.
Thanks once again to all who helped me out.

Hay wait......where r u going?
I'll b back with another set of queries.
So.... stay connected & keep helping

Thanks & Best Regards,
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> Hmm.. flaky computer hardware ?? Or your CD-ROM media is bad, which
> might cause the installer error if it can not read it properly. Try to
> install from a different set of CDs, no harm in trying different
> distribution like Debian.
> Best regards,
> Rajesh

Happy Linuxing

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