[ILUG-BOM] PRC ..good going

Gurpreet Singh tonysingh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Aug 1 21:05:06 IST 2002

hello luggerz
visited the PRC, and did sign up...
good work himanshu n trevor, students are gonna find this gr8... 
need more souls like u in the world.
how abt my suggestion of  a help page??

have got a project from my teachers.. it is
A Linux Cluster to implement RSA cryptography
any suggestion fellows...

another prob...
we've been trying to set up  a linux lab in our coll.
what we want is that our server runs on linux and the nodes on 
windows, every student who works in the lab has an account on the 
server but sits on the nodes and do their programs there and when 
they are done, they may store their work on the server.
we have set up the network and we are being able to perform remote 
login from the nodes BUT
we are having probs configuring the ftp deamon. its only allowing 
anonymous login and that too isnt being able to send files to the 
server. can we have some help on this plz- we want that every 
person who has a valid account on the server shud be able to ftp 
to the server thru that account...
plz we are desperately trying... PLZ HELP

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