[ILUG-BOM] Intel boards ......suck bigtime

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Fri Aug 2 15:54:03 IST 2002

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 Trevor Warren wrote :
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>    At Zenith we have been working with tonz of Intel
>Desktop boards.....nd believe me, if u were a
>gnu-linux enthusiast, u would prefer to keep away frm
>these boards even if the vendor would thrown in a
>lovely package.

Hmmm... I have been through many of the Intel channel meets. They 
do give an impression even to dealers that their mobos are really 
high end. Unless you are talking server boards, everything else is 
plain hogwash.

IMHO, Intel motherboards and even *Intel Chipsets* suck! My AMD 
K6-2 350 with a VIA chipset, does faster I/O than a Intel Pentium 
III with an Intel Chipset.

I find Linux support for mobo's from manufacturers like ASUS and 
Gigabyte is great. Also they are much better than Intel ones in 
design. The only regret is that they hurt your pocket.

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