[ILUG-BOM] RH Linux not overwriting MBR.

Kunal Gangakhedkar kgangakhedkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Aug 2 20:57:03 IST 2002

> I did it mainly because I used to frequently update kernels... it
> doesn't make too much sense to write the bootsector somewhere else, dd
> it to a file, copy it to the windoze partition etc. every time.

Then, you can shift to GRUB, where you don't have to keep in creating 
bootsector file.
GRUB does not update the bootsector everytime, just reads the grub.conf 
file & 
works with it. 

> If you do it only once, during installation, then of course it amounts
> to the same thing, and my method is probably more more roundabout.

You just generate the bootsector file only once, and be happy modifying 
grub.conf everytime you compile a new kernel.

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