[ILUG-BOM] C Programming and Vi

Nikhil Joshi nikhiljoshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Aug 25 22:35:54 IST 2002

I'm trying to adapt to C-Progamming in Linux
(We have our B.E. project on Neural Networks and we are supposed to write 
the c programs in Linux)

I find the Vi features set cindent and syntax on 
very helpful.

After writing the program I have to press ctrl-z ,run gcc ,check the 
errors , fg

This is very annoying.I would like to compile the program in vi itself,
see the errors,go to the line causing the error,and then if the compile is 
succsessful run the program.

Is this possible ?
(I guess this is possible with some tinkering with .vimrc)
Can anyone please post his .vimrc

Are there any good ide's exclusively for character mode  ?
I checked out freshmeat but did not find any good ide (I've used Anjuta 
but I would like console based ide)

Please help

Nikhil Joshi

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