[ILUG-BOM] PPTP client

Chris Caughey caughey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Sep 3 23:20:53 IST 2002

     Just wondering if you ever found the source of your problem referred to in the post below. I'm experiencing the same thing. Thanks,

Chris Caughey

[ILUG-BOM] PPTP client
Girish Hanchate linuxers at mm.ilug-bom.org.in
Thu Mar 28 15:10:06 2002

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I am facing problem while installing PPTP client on
Redhat linux 6.2. I installed
pptp-linux-1.0.3-1.i386.rpm &
ppp-mppe-2.4.0-4.i386.rpm. after installing when i
start setup it gives me following error

Insecure $ENV{ENV} while running with -T switch at
/usr/sbin/pptp-command line 505, <STDIN> chunk 1



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