[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Interesting Conversation

Nikhil Joshi nikhiljoshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Sep 4 08:03:08 IST 2002

I had a conversation with my B.E. comp friend  about Linux.
Basically he is doing a project in VC++

fr:So you are doing project in Linux right ?
me:yeah. C programming in Linux
fr:Oh,does Linux have VB,VC ?
fr:hmm... so will my VC programs run on Linux?
fr:Then what's the use of Linux?

I was stupified. (OK Windows programs can b emulated but still 
they cannot 'run' right ?)

This is from a guy who had Operating Systems,System 
Programming,Microprocessor in his syllabus

I guess the whole syllabus is 'DOS' oriented.
ppl still cannot digest the fact that there are many other compilers other 
than the 'standard' Turbo C++ 3.0

Also I've observed that this is the general awareness/attitude of Comp. 
ppl abt Linux.

I can only imagine what it must be like for Arts/Commerce/ ppl to 
understand what is Linux


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