[ILUG-BOM] Re: [OT] Interesting Conversation

Nikhil Joshi nikhiljoshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Sep 4 21:03:45 IST 2002

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Harsh R Busa wrote:

> hi nikhil .. what college are u from ? as far as CS syllabus is concerned
> atleast bbay univ is making unix as std platform for do lab practs. right
> from FE.

I'm frm Datta Meghe COE Airoli ,Navi Mumbai
(umm... known as NYSS among the junta)
Actually our batch has Old syllabus (I remember working on 
Lotus 123 and Dos in F.E. ah.... ;)

I guess the syllabus has been revised .Never visited the F.E. lab 
afterwards. Our Electronics Dept. Lab *still* has Novell 

The comp. ppl still work *exclusively* on Windows.
OK there r some standalones having RHL
Also the F.E. ppl I think telnet to a server and 'use' Linux
(I don't know the intricacies of Networking but I know 4 sure that they 
use Linux commands within Windows )

Anywayz (IMHO) the attitude of many F.E. ppl towards Unix:
join some crash course and get rid of the thing.

> no ofense intended but just trying to get across some facts. i suggest u
> discuss this with ur friend.

cool no prob

> ask your friend to name all his favorite dev tools under his favorite os.
> now ask him does it run on mainframes,Servers,  desktops, pdas,  watches,...
> ?

basically I guess the CS ppl hav a very nonchalant attitude towards Linux.
Their question is simple and striaghtforward ...
Will Linux give me money?
Frankly, I have to say not as much as Windows.

> also acc to me linux is not for dumb users.


> dont ever give a stupified look to such ppl ...
> just tell them to try and experience the difference.

Actually always wanted to organize a seminar or something on Linux.
I just dunno whether I'm capable/ 'guru' enuff to do such thing
AFAIK I'm the only one frm B.E. who knows quite a bit bout Linux.
Can ny1 guide pls.

I always think that there's always something to learn about Linux
You can seldom say with certainty :I know Linux
Heck, is there a way to guage at what level I am  in Linux ?
(Newbie,experienced,master,.... guru (no way in my case atleast ;) 

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