[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Interesting Conversation

Manish Jethani manishj@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 5 12:47:34 IST 2002

Nikhil Joshi wrote:

 > Ironically that's the attitude of the ppl: Hey if my app can
 > run on more than 90% of the PC's why the heck shud I give a
 > damn 4 Linux ?

Because not all apps run on PC's, you see.  Many/most enterprise
apps run on those "servers" running some kind of UNIX.  It's
great to develop an app on Linux (cost advantage) and then with
a little tweaking compile and deploy it on another UNIX-like
system (Solaris, BSD, Linux/390, etc.) for your client.  That's
what many software companies do!  And that's also why these ppl
(w/ that attitude) find it difficult to get a job after passing

 > I mean when I look around and observe the apps:
 > The Encyclopedias,
 > MTNL Cdrom,
 > Various Educational CDs
 > VSNL dialer :(
 > Various Cd-roms that come with magazines.
 > GRE CDs

All these apps fall more or less in one category!  Let the frog
out the well and see the world is bigger (and beautiful).

 > Everything has Min sys req of Win9x.

Everything?  :-)


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