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On Wednesday, September 04, 2002 3:05 PM
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>          Windows as an OS has evolved.  M$ is good at getting inspired
> (read stealing ideas) from a lot of sources.  But they put it in one
> package and give you.  For someone who is not a geek/nerd/developer (or
> of them together), and willing to pay a few Ks then Windows is a good
> choice.  And - there is a *huge* number of good free software for windows
> too, of late.
>          There are a *lot* of people out there who dont want to be awake
> 2am trying to get something to work.  They just want to click, get a
> presentation done for tomorrow in 20 minutes and go to bed.  I personally
> do all my programming in Linux (where lives emacs :). But I still trip on
> winamp+tripex3 and surf the net with IE.  (X-windows suxx majorly.)
>          We are all here because we love Linux.
>But I, at leaset, do not come here because I
> hate windows.

 even I, I come to Linux b'coz I like to experiment & play with softwares.
It may be different softwares or different OS. I test them, use them if I
comfertable I keep it & start hunthing for another s/w.

After finding myself very much comfertable with windows, I moved to Linux
now I'm learning RH once I find myself comfertable with it I'll swithch to
another distribution or may be towards mac or FreeBSD
It doesn't meen that I hate windows. If it has some goodies, it has it.
Accept it. There is no harm in that. Nobody is going to Kill you for that.
After being on the list for quite a long time I found that, some ppl on the
list are not ready to accept it.

Some ppl say that Linux is free & so not is windows. But can they tell me
what wod they have done if linux & all of its goodies were also not free?
They say windows is buggy, even I say. But then everything have some
bugs ( even human beings ) Nothing is perfect. We are developer atleast
we should understand this.

I/we do some sort of programming & need to test it on different OS
But for a general user who is only interested in playing games, surfing
web & doing some work in word excel. Why should he swithch to
any other OS if he is getting MS for free ( pirated )? There is no reason
for that.

Note : This doesn't mean that I'm in favour of Win & opposing Linux
I just want to clear a thing that If something is good, let it be good,
do not blame it. Rather try to  make your system to be good.

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