[ILUG-BOM] DeveloperIQ: GentooLinux 1.2, PhatLinux, compile your kernel...

Frederick Noronha fred@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Sep 6 12:54:48 IST 2002

DeveloperIQ "India's first complete software mag" Sept 2002 issue:

	Highlights from the issue, compiled by FN:

	* Free as in freedom... focus on some alternate OSs
	  - SpinOS (an OS that blurs the distinction between kernels
	  and applications).
    	  - ReactOS: an Open Source effort to develop a quality
	  operating system that is compatible with Windows NT
	  applications and drivers.
	  - BeOS: contains advantages from several OSs without
	  ancient oddments of older versions. 
	  - Inferno: middleware, networking operating system, and
  	  a development environment for embedded systems.
	  - Gentoo Linux 1.2: High-performance ports-based Linux
	  metadistribution. Gentoo Linux has an advanced package
	  management system called Portage.
	  - Phat Linux 3.3: You can install Phat Linux on your
	  computer without repartitioning your hard disk.
	  - S.Ha.R.K: a dynamic configurable kernel architecture
	  designed for supporting hard, soft and non real-time
	  applications with interchangeable scheduling algorithms.

	* In the CD:
	  - SpinOS
	  - ReactOS
	  - BeOS
	  - Phat Linux 3.3
	  - Gentoo Linux 1.2
	  - Vita Nuova Inferno - netowrk operating system
	  - SHaRK
	  - XFree86 (freely redistributable, open-source
	    implementation fo the XWindows Systems)

	* Post your problem: Questions on 
 	  - How to figure out if your Ethernet card is recognised?
	    (itconfig netstat)
	  - How to access files on an MS-DOS partition or floppy
	  - What does it mean if your meachine boots, says LI and 
	    then freezes?
	  - What if you forget your Linux password?
	  - How to install GNU software in Linux?
	  - How to configure your network in Mandrake?
	  - How to create a 'multiboot' LILO in Linux?

	* Compile your own Linux kernel. Continuing the journey
	  with Philip de Groot. Concluding of a two-part series.

	* Look out for some database abstraction on PHP and
	  learn about the Perl DBI (use Perl to access many
	  different types of databases through a single API that
	  works independently of the actual database being used).

	* Ad for Borland Delphi7 Studio. "Provides the migration
	  path to .NET that developers have been waiting for.
	  ... you're in control of a complete e-business 
	  development studio -- with the freedom to easily take
	  your solutions cross-platform to Linux. Visit
	  www.borland.com or email indiacustserv at borland.com
	  mentioning Delphi7 in the subjectline.

Contact DeveloperIQ (www.developeriq.com). Price Rs 100 in India.
Two CDs included. Bouquets and brickbats to ramdas at developeriq.com
Send your letters in under 350 words, mention address/job designation

Frederick Noronha 
Freelance Journalist 

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