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Philip S Tellis philip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Sep 6 13:01:08 IST 2002

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Sameer Shinde wrote:

> Some ppl say that Linux is free & so not is windows. But can they tell

free as in free speech.  it's not the cost that matters.  it's what you 
can do with it.  with linux I have the freedom to study, modify and 
redistribute the source code.  with windows i don't have that freedom.  

> me what wod they have done if linux & all of its goodies were also not

i would not have used linux if it were not free in the free speech 
sense, and...

> free? They say windows is buggy, even I say. But then everything have
> some bugs ( even human beings ) Nothing is perfect. We are developer

even linux has bugs, but since I have the source code, *I* can fix those
bugs, instead of waiting for the manufacturers to fix them.  Ok, suppose
I'm not a programmer and cannot fix the bugs.  The fact is that since
everyone has access to the source, there must be at least 1 person in
the world who can and will fix the bug and return the fix to the
manufacturers, who in turn will send it to me.  The mean time between
bug finding and fixing in this case is of the order of 1 day max
(although as little as 10 minutes has been known).  If we remember the
2.4.11 kernel which had a few bugs in it.  2.4.12 was released 30
minutes after 2.4.11 - with the bugs fixed.

> I/we do some sort of programming & need to test it on different OS But
> for a general user who is only interested in playing games, surfing
> web & doing some work in word excel. Why should he swithch to any
> other OS if he is getting MS for free ( pirated )? There is no reason

he shouldn't unless his concience keeps worrying him.

If a man had a child who'd gone anti-social, killed perhaps, he'd still
tend to protect that child.
		-- McCoy, "The Ultimate Computer", stardate 4731.3

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