[ILUG-BOM] An Interesting Question

quasar at antispam quasar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 26 19:39:27 IST 2002

lilo at zeenext.com wrote
>The Internal CodeName for Windows XP was "Cairo". In Greek "Chi"
>is written as "X" and Rho as "P" (well roughly). Hence XP in 
>Windows XP is for Cairo and not X from Xwindows or MacOS.

ummm.. interesting information.  Now all we gotta do is find a connection between Cairo, the greek language and Micro$oft.  It is of course very circumstantial that windowsXP which came after macOSX both have a greater thrust on eye-candy interface and of course the fact that the latest of X can compete with any of the above in the eye-candy aspect.  Three windowing systems with X somewhere in their names - now that is something... :-D

BTW what seems to be the motivation for these esoteric "internal codenames" which seem to be the norm of the industry..?


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