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Fri Sep 27 10:12:27 IST 2002

--- Bhargav Bhatt <bbb20004 at columbia.edu> wrote:
> Hello Luggers!
> I will play the Devil's Advocate here.
> Consider, for a moment, that the folloing
> *HYPOTHETICAL* situation is true.
>     Microsoft Corp. has been losing market value
> rapidly(but it still is the
> number 1 software company) due to the advancement a
> much more "stable" and
> "secure" operating system called GNU/Linux. Since
> the GNU/Linux operating
> system, licensed under the GPL is completely open
> source, *anybody* is
> allowed to *see* the code. Lets say that Microsoft,
> to stay at the top,
> employs a few developers who are skilled at both
> GNU/Linux and Windows.
> Microsoft, then asks them to write a clone of the
> linux kernel for
> incorporating large chunks of it, maybe even the
> kernel in its entirety,
> into the next version of windows. Since M$ is the
> still the leader, they
> have the highest market share. Now if almost
> everybody switches to the new
> version of windows(based on the linux kernel), they
> will be in for a
> pleasant surprise. They will now get a much more
> stable and secure O

  They are already at it.
  Check out the project Services for Unix (SFU) on
Microsoft site ... Although in developmental stages
still.. this simulates the unix shell on windows 2000
an upwards.
 - Nikhil

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