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Fri Sep 27 10:47:12 IST 2002

On Wednesday 25 September 2002 05:41, Bhargav Bhatt wrote: 

> Hello Luggers!
> I will play the Devil's Advocate here.
>     P.S: i dont think that the GPL can be used at M$ is too smart
> at code obfuscation(i think it means obscuring source code) for
> people to be able to disassemble their OS and claim it to be a
> rip-off of linux.

Firstly no need for all the hassle of cloning linux use freebsd. It's 
license is unencumbered. Infact this is where they got their TCP/IP code 
A compiler is smart enough to de obfusicate code and will finally generate 
machine code very close to the original, which will be very difficult for M$ 
to defend. While small parts of similiar code may no doubt be attributed to 
coincidence,  it would require some stretch of imagination to forward 
coincidence as an argument for an entire kernel.
We must also presume that M$' developers worked in complete isolation and 
did not at any time consult any of the free developers -  another tall order 
considering that the orginal code writers can barely understand what they 
have written in the first place. 

Apart from the above hypothetical case, the real problem is about the 
development model used by closed and open software. The M$Developer will 
have to pick cut off date for the code they plan to copy. By the time they 
come up with something useable, the open version will have moved so far 
ahead that the old version will become pretty much useless. Also it is not 
the kernel which is the key, it is the applications which produce the $. So 
all applications on the windoze platform will have to be ported by the 
developers delaying the deployment by ages. 

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