[ILUG-BOM] I need help with Redhat Linux 7.3

Bhargav Bhatt bhargav.bhatt@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Oct 19 09:53:46 IST 2002

I am sure others will help u out. Here is a mini explanation of the /etc/fstab 

fstab consists of a number of lines (one for each filesystem) seperated into 
six fields. Each field is seperated from the next by whitespace 

/dev/hdc/mnt/cdrom   iso9660  noauto,ro,user 0 0 

The first field (/dev/hdc) is the physical device/remote filesystem which is 
to be described.

The second field (/mnt/cdrom) specifies the mount point where the filesystem 
will be mounted.

The third field (iso9660) is the type of filesystem on the device from the 
first field.

The fourth field (noauto,ro,user) is a (default) list of options which mount 
should use when mounting the filesystem.

The fifth field (0) is used by dump (a backup utility) to decide if a 
filesystem should be backed up. If zero then dump will ignore that 
filesystem. The sixth field (0) is used by fsck (the filesystem check 
utility) to determine the order in which filesystems should be checked.
If zero then fsck won't check the filesystem.
(as the example line above is a cdrom there is very little point in doing a 
fsck on it, so the value is zero).

On Friday 18 January 2002 09:28 pm, Nauzad Tantra wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie and have just installed Redhat Linux 7.3. I have been
> unable to configure the following:
> I can mount the Dos partitions using the mount command. However, I am
> unable to mount them at startup by configuring /etc/fstab since I dont
> know the entries to be entered in the last 3 columns. eg:
> noauto,defaults, 0 0 etc. How do I configure the file.
> I have a Motorola SM 56 Winmodem. The modem drivers that I have
> (supplied by PCQuest) used to work on ver7.2 but do not seem to be
> working here. Where can I get the drivers from. (If someone has the
> drivers, be kind and email them to me please).
> I need to print on a printer connected to a WinNT machine. Will I need
> to run Samba on the Linux machine or on the NT machine. Where do I get
> samba for WinNT. (Samba does start but does not load the GUI interface
> on the Linux machine. How do I get that to work.)
> How do I browse my network if the other machines on the network are all
> windows machines. I wish to use and share files and services on other
> machines.
> Thats a lot of questions.
> Hope i get as many answers.
> Thanks a lot,
> Nauzad
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