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If you are using windows 2000 or XP, you can configure IIS to work as an
smtp server for you.
It is quiet easy to use and should not give you any problems as such. Just a
warning, modify the settings of the intervals at which it will try to send
the emails. Because of the way the cable internets work in Mumbai, it is
likely that the mails may not go in the first attempt. So, modify the retry
time intervals to say 1 minute, instead of 5 min, to 1 hour.

I used IIS's SMTP earliery with dialup too since vsnl did not allow us to
send out email with an email id other than @vsnl.com or @vsnl.net. It works
quiet well.

Ask your brother also to put a short cut of the c:\Inetpub\mailroot\Queue
folder on the desktop so that he can verify that all pending emails have
actually been delivered.


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> I have got cable internet which wipes out the use of the VSNL smtp
services.  I have the windows and the Linux client (thanks Mitul for the
> I need to have SMTP services both on windows(brother needs it) & on
Linux(I use it).  I have exim installed on Linux and have to configure it.
Is there any smtp server available for windows?  Also can anyone point out
any particular documents relating to home smtp service configuration?
> thanks.
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