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Mon Oct 21 07:37:37 IST 2002

SM56 is a Winmodem and cannot be detected by Linux. To use it you have to
install a file (given in PCQuest July 2001 CD). I followed the steps given
in the magazine and will run through them quickly.
insert the second CD and go to /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS
# rpm -Uvh sm56-85.1-10.i386.rpm
# sm56setup 852

to check if everything is up and running load the driver.
# modprobe sm56
# dmesg

your modem will be installed in /dev/modem which points to /mnt/sm56

Configure your internet connection using Kppp etc. and start surfing :)

If you need more help goto http://linmodems.org or write to
SM56LinuxSupport at motorola.com
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  From: kedar sapre [mailto:kedarsapre at vsnl.net]

  I am trying it to configure for my RH 7.2 box , but it damn not working

  If u were really able to connect to internet with SM56  on RH 7.2 , please
let me know , how did you manage to configure ?
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