[ILUG-BOM] need for lex and yacc for Mandrake 9.0

Vinayak Hegde lilo@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 21 21:04:37 IST 2002

Hi nikhil,

Flex and bison have superseded lex and yacc respectively.
As flex and bison are compatible with the syntax of lex
and yacc, any program written for lex or yacc will run in
flex and bison.

I did write a small compiler/translator in flex and bison and did
not encounter any major differences. So unless you are working
on a really big project i don't believe Flex/Bison will make 
any difference as compared to lex and yacc.

--> Vinayak Hegde

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:01:47 +0530 "Nikhil D. Kikkeri" wrote:
> i use Mandrake 9.0. however for some reason this distro does not provide 
> with lex, yacc, flex and bison.
> i downloaded flex and bison but it would be better if i get lex and
> yacc as 

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