[ILUG-BOM] Courts in Maharashtra to use Linux.

P.V. Mohan Krishnan mohan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 23 12:06:53 IST 2002

  Dear luggers !!!

        This is to inform you all that the Bombay High Court hasvse
decided to have the computerisation of the activities of the Judiciary
in Maharashtra on a Linux platform. As part of a recently initiated
computerisation programme of all the subordinate courts of the
Metropolitan area of Mumbai we are going to use Red Hat 7.3. For the
last 3 years we are using a Red hat E-Mail server in the High Court.
Also all District Courts in the State use a Slackware version of Linux
on their systems.

We have specific interest in issues relating to the following under Linux
  a) Support for old binaries ( SCO Unix Sys V/ Xenix ). We have used
old ibcs as well as present linux-abi modules to get some of our
application running with a big load of users accessing the same.

  b) Still looking for a non-GUI word processor which is simple to
use, implements curses/ncurses efficiently for screen handling, uses
simple fonts ( or no font at all !!) to give speedy outputs of big
documents speedily on  DMPs. We have not yet found anything remotely
similar to the good old SCO Lyrix OR Uniplex wordprocessors. If someone
has any suggestion on this it is welcome.

  c) Method of printing simple text under Star office OR Open Office. 
This is linked to previous section subject.

  d) Bilingual support. We are trying out Indix.

Lastly we would like some suggestions regarding a workshop we plan
to hold for Judges ficers of the Courts  sometime around
Nov. 17-19. One session is planned on Linux and as the audience would
be general users the presentations are proposed to be a of a general
nature. I am contemplating getting either to get Red Hat technical 
persons to handle this OR may be any of you Luggers having the time !!
Kindly feel free to mail me.

- Mohan Krishnan
  Technical Director
  Computer Centre, High Court
  Mumbai - 400 032
  Phone : 2676751

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