[ILUG-BOM] Courts in Maharashtra to use Linux.

Satya satyap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 23 12:25:13 IST 2002

On Oct 23, 2002 at 12:06, P.V. Mohan Krishnan wrote:

>  a) Support for old binaries ( SCO Unix Sys V/ Xenix ). We have used
>old ibcs as well as present linux-abi modules to get some of our
>application running with a big load of users accessing the same.

Why do you need support for old binaries? It does not sound like you
are using any legacy applications. Are you?

>  b) Still looking for a non-GUI word processor which is simple to
>use, implements curses/ncurses efficiently for screen handling, uses
>simple fonts ( or no font at all !!) to give speedy outputs of big
>documents speedily on  DMPs. We have not yet found anything remotely
>similar to the good old SCO Lyrix OR Uniplex wordprocessors. If someone
>has any suggestion on this it is welcome.

Try pico or nano (search google).

>  c) Method of printing simple text under Star office OR Open Office. 
>This is linked to previous section subject.

Not really.

>to hold for Judges ficers of the Courts  sometime around
>Nov. 17-19. One session is planned on Linux and as the audience would
>be general users the presentations are proposed to be a of a general
>nature. I am contemplating getting either to get Red Hat technical 
>persons to handle this OR may be any of you Luggers having the time !!

I'm sure luggers would be happy to help. It seems you'd want to show
your end-users how to use applications -- email, word processing, that
sort of thing. (Personally I like small groups <10 for this sort of
thing, but since I am not in any way organising this, I have no say.)

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