[ILUG-BOM] Re:letter to get email id

Gurpreet Singh tonysingh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Oct 24 02:22:01 IST 2002

Message: 11
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 20:31:03 -0700 (PDT)
 From: jyoti acharekar <acharekar_jyoti at yahoo.com>
To: linuxers at mm.ilug-bom.org.in
Subject: [ILUG-BOM] letter to get a email id
Reply-To: linuxers at mm.ilug-bom.org.in

i am working at thana college in mumbai.
please tell me what is my email id & also the password
to get access to ilug-bom.org.in
or how to sign in.
hello maam
u seem to be a newcomer to th ILUG BOM
but i think u didnt get the concept.
here u mail in to the lug and every one on this mailing list gets 
ur mail. now what they do is answer to their problems.
so there's no email id or password that u may get...
u'll just recv mails from the lug on yr mailing list everyday
go thru them, they are beneficial

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